Registration for this academic year (September 6th – June 19th) is now open!

Private Lessons

Registration for Annual Private Lessons (Sept 2023-June 2024) is now open!

Returning students (including PIP), please visit this link to select your first lesson time. This time will be yours for the entirety of the 2023-2024 academic year.

New to Apple Tree Arts? Please fill out our Private Lesson Inquiry form.

The 2023-2024 academic year will run from
September 6th through June 19th, however lessons can start at any time throughout the year! Click here to see our Academic Calendar.

Tuition is charged on a monthly membership model based on your lesson length, which allows our faculty to focus on the development of their students as a whole rather than just during the 30/45/60 minutes they’re in their lesson each week. You’ll never have to worry about one month costing more than another due to a recital, an extra week, etc.

Monthly Tuition (for 10 months)
30 Min $173.10
45 Min $252.30
60 Min $313.50

Financial aid applications are available here.

Our teachers generally have the following availability:

Gabe Cain (guitar): Mondays 4pm-7pm, Tuesdays 4pm-7pm

John Calabrese (percussion): Mondays 2pm-7pm

Corbin Calloway Bolton (PIP): Mondays 2pm-6:30pm, Tuesdays 3pm-6:45pm, Thursdays 2pm-6:30pm

Amy Carroll (flute): Mondays 3:30pm-5pm

Kathryn Haddad (violin): Tuesdays 2pm-5pm

Tom Hojnacki (piano and voice): Thursdays 2pm-6pm, by request only

Russell Jewell (brass): Fridays 2pm-5pm

Brenda Lau (voice): Wednesdays 6:30pm-7:30pm, Thursdays 6:30pm-7:30pm, Fridays 5:30pm-7pm

Anina Lawrence (voice): Mondays 2pm-7pm, Wednesdays 2pm-7pm, Fridays 2pm-7pm

Brandon Lewis (woodwinds and piano): Thursdays 2pm-6pm

Becky Lightcap (piano): Mondays 2pm-7pm

Kilani Moore (voice and piano): Tuesdays 2pm-5pm, Wednesdays 2pm-5pm

Mario Portev (cello and piano): Wednesdays 3pm-8pm

Katelyn Sable (voice): Wednesdays 4pm-6pm, Saturdays 9am-12pm

Stephanie Sarkisian (voice): Fridays 4pm-5:30pm

Emily Stratton (voice): Tuesdays 1:30pm-8pm, Wednesdays 1:30pm-6pm

Paul Surapine (clarinet/saxophone): Mondays 2pm-7pm, Wednesdays 2pm-7pm

Lisa Utzig (piano): Thursdays 2pm-5:30pm, Fridays 2pm-6pm

To learn more about our teachers, click here.

Piano Immersion Program (PIP) - Creative Lessons for Curious Kids

Call us at 508-839-4286 to schedule your lesson

The Piano Immersion Program (PIP) is a unique and engaging piano program for curious, creative kids, which combines one-on-one piano lessons with group musicianship classes.

Taught by pianist Corbin Calloway Bolton, PIP students get all the benefits of private lessons customized to their learning style and interests while also getting the sense of camaraderie that comes with having fun and learning alongside their peers.

In monthly group classes, PIP students play music theory games, explore an overview of music history, write their own music, perform for each other, play duets, and more.

PIP students also get extra performance opportunities, including the Spooky Recital, where performers are invited to play in costume; the I <3 Music Recital, where students perform their favorite pop, rock, and movie music; and the annual Sonatina Festival, where students learn about the classical sonata form by playing a sonata or sonatina, themselves!

Students who show interest and commitment can also participate in optional competitions and exams such as the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations.

These are not your mother’s piano lessons. Sign your child up for PIP to give them a music education as unique and creative as they are!

Monthly tuition, listed below, includes everything listed under regular private lessons above, as well as the monthly small group classes.

Monthly Tuition (for 10 months)
30 min: $213.30
45 min: $292.50

Group classes will be held one weekend per month and will be scheduled based on student availability. Times and class lengths will vary depending on the topics being covered and the number of students attending.

Financial aid applications are available here.