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Did you know that tuition for our programs only covers 70% of our operating costs? As a nonprofit organization, Apple Tree Arts relies on contributions from the community we serve to help make up that difference.

Your support goes towards many different things, including:

  • Providing scholarships to students and families in need
  • Purchasing materials for classes and other programs
  • Providing fair and competitive wages to all of our faculty, staff, and contract workers
  • Completing maintenance on our space to ensure the quality of our studios

You enable several classes, private lessons, concerts, and theatrical performances for adults, teens, and children, taught my some of the region’s most esteemed educators. This past year, we enrolled over 1,000 students between all of our programs, and had many more come through our doors for events and performances.

With your help, we are able to provide:

  • Free music education outreach services to children in low income families
  • Continued free or reduced cost events, such as our Community Strum series
  • Free admission to Community Chorus concerts
  • Scholarships for students who may not otherwise be able to participate in our programming
  • Year round classes with talented professionals, for students of all ages
  • Monthly workshops with local songwriters to help them hone their craft
  • A robust series of concerts for our community to enjoy

Most importantly, to build a strong music and theatre community, which makes Grafton more welcoming and livable for everyone. Thank you so much for your previous and continued support in making Grafton a more artistic community!

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And a big THANK YOU to our current supporters:

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