Brenda Lau is a singer/songwriter from Panama City, Panama. Winner of the “Batallas de Las Estrellas 2010” a panamanian version of American Idol. She has also performed the National Anthem for the Boston Bruins during the 2018-2019 Season, following the retirement of local legend Rene Rancourt, who sang the Anthem for the Bruins for 42 years.
She graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2020 with a concentration in Songwriting. She’s also a certified teacher by the Department of Early Education and Care of Massachusetts.

Teaching Philosophy:

As a singer myself, I always believe that we have the ability to transmit and inspire others through music. My teaching philosophy is simply reaching a state where my students can feel themself and ready to take any challenge in their career and life with empathy, hope and kindness. Enabling a student to access that inner expression allows them to grow not only as a singer but also as an artist. My goal as an educator is to inculcate my students to develop critical thinking skills so they can eventually unify their knowledge along with their innate talent to build a solid musicianship throughout their music career journey.