Theatre fun for all ages!

Theatre offers a multitude of talents for students to cultivate and display: acting, singing, dancing, and creation of sets, props and costumes. By allowing students to explore and experience all the diverse components of a finished theatre product, students create their own ensemble—a community centered around the stage. At Apple Tree Arts, our theatre arts programs are developed with this philosophy in mind. We believe that every student has a story to tell and makes a meaningful contribution to the art of theatre.

We welcome and invite you to join us!


Musical Theatre Programs

ATA Theatre Contract_fillable form – needs to be signed by all theater participants. Each enrolled student will receive one by email as well.

Our musical theatre programs provide students with the opportunity to learn about and hone their skills in three different theatrical focuses: acting, singing & choreography. Each skill set is given separate instruction and later added together to form the finished product, a musical production. The level of difficulty and complexity of instruction and productions are tailored to specific age groups, ensuring each child a rewarding experience that matches their abilities.

REGISTRATION for summer programs opens February 1

We offer theater programs for children and teens/adults. Please choose from the list below.

Grades 1-4  (one session in fall and spring) FULL

Grades 2-6  (one session in winter)

Grades 7-12  (one session in late fall through winter)
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, JR – Great shows, everyone! 

Adult Community Musical Theatre – for adults and teens 16 yrs and older: YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN (cast list is up)

Acting Adventures  for children in grades 2-6. Incorporates theatre games, storytelling, scene-study and improvisation while introducing basic performance skills. The program culminates in a creative performance showcase following the final session.  

Performance Troupe: Acting, Music, Dance & Filmmaking for children in grades 5-8

Private Acting/Performance Coaching – call to schedule private sessions with Matt Mariner. Available on an as-needed basis for auditions, or ongoing sessions for a more broad approach.