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Summer Programs

Some summer private voice/acting/instrument lessons are still available through August.
Please email or call Kathy in the office to register at or 508-839-4286



Entering Grades 1&2

July 25-29 9:00 am- 12:00 pm

Performance: Friday, July 29th at 1:00pm

Location: Great Hall, Apple Tree Arts

Teacher: Kayla Cardin

Tuition: $250

Let’s take a trip to see Farmer MacDonald! The whole barnyard is singin’… rooster’s singin’ tenor, the mule chimes in on bass, the chicks are pretty good altos, and the sheep are all over the place! But wait! Something’s wrong with Madame Cow… she just can’t moo! Join the fun as the animals all do their part to save the day! This week-long theatre program is a great way for beginners to start learning the basics of musical theatre.

Financial aid applications are available here.

Disney's Moana Jr.

Entering Grades 3-7

Session 1
July 11- July 22, 9:00 am- 3:00 pm

Performance: Friday July 22nd, 7:00 pm

Session 2
July 25- August 5, 9:00 am -3:00 pm

Performance: Friday August 5th, 7:00 pm

Location: Willard House and Clock Museum  LOCATION CHANGE DUE TO WEATHER: PERFORMANCE NOW AT GRAFTON HIGH SCHOOL, 24 Providence Rd Grafton

Teachers:  Lisa Scarlett, Emma Fettig

Tuition: $725

This thrilling and heartwarming coming-of-age story follows the strong-willed Moana as she sets sail across the Pacific to save her village and discover the truth about her heritage. Moana and the legendary demigod Maui embark on an epic journey of self-discovery and camaraderie as both learn to harness the power that lies within. With empowering messages of bravery and selflessness, Moana JR. is sure to bring out the hero within each of us.

Financial aid applications are available here.

Chicago (Teen Edition)

Entering Grades 8-12

Chicago (Teen Edition)

August 8 – August 19; 8:30 am -2:30 pm

Performances: Friday, August 19, 7:00 pm, and Saturday, August 20, 7:00 pm

Location: Grafton High School

Teachers:  Lisa Scarlett, Mary Kate Pezzillo

Tuition: $775

In roaring twenties Chicago, chorine Roxie Hart murders a faithless lover and convinces her hapless husband, Amos, to take the rap… until he finds out he’s been duped and turns on Roxie. Convicted and sent to death row, Roxie and another “Merry Murderess,” Velma Kelly, vie for the spotlight and the headlines, ultimately joining forces in search of the “American Dream”: fame, fortune, and acquittal.

Financial aid applications are available here.

Early Childhood Summer Programs

We are offering 6-week early childhood music programs this summer.

Family Music (ages 1-4 with adult caregiver)
Wednesdays, June 29 – August 3, 9:30 – 10:15 am
Saturdays, July 9 – August 13, 9:30 – 10:15 am

Location: Apple Tree Arts, One Grafton Common

Tuition: $75

Teacher: Kayla Cardin/Anna Slate


Music Makers (ages 4-7)
Saturdays, July 9 – August 13, 10:30 – 11:15 am

Location: Apple Tree Arts, One Grafton Common

Teacher:  Kayla Cardin/Anna Slate

Tuition: $100

Financial aid applications are available here.

Private Voice and Instrument Lessons

Registration for Summer Private Lessons will begin on

Please contact Kathy in the office if you would like to schedule SUMMER private lessons – or 508-839-4286.

Most instruments and voice lessons are available.

Private acting lessons can also be scheduled with MB DeKara – contact us with any questions.

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