Finding the musician in every child

Current research shows that early childhood (birth- 6 years) music education enhances all aspects of brain development; stimulates more neuron connectivity and has a long-term impact on the brains ability to develop to it’s fullest potential.  With the internationally recognized Musikgarten curriculum we strive to develop functioning musicians, finding joy in music, learning to improvise, write and read music, and eventually learning to play the piano.

Mixed Age Move and Groove

Ages 1 – 4 years

Mixed Age Move and Groove is our first step down our path to musical literacy.  Masked in play children experience a well rounded curriculum exposing them to new songs, old favorites, group dances, pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments, musical concepts, tonal and rhythm patterns. Older children model for the younger ones creating a joyful musical community.   Class is 45 min and is attended by parent/caregiver and child and included a CD, parent guide and percussion instrument.

Registration is open!


Wednesdays 10:15-11:00am

Classes are from July 3 – July 31

Teacher: Kayla Cardin

Tuition: $95/five week session; Sibling in same class is $50

Music Makers

Ages 4-6

Music Makers is the next step on the pathway to musical literacy. At this age, we explore different areas in nature like the Meadow, The Woodlands and The Marsh. Or, we visit different cultures around the globe, like The British Isles, Germany or The Amerindians. Each unit is explored through song, listening to and acting out stories, folk dance, percussion instruments and ensemble work. Each family receives a packet with music, a parent guide and a folder of the area we are working on. Classes are 60 min and parents/caregivers are invited in for the last 15 min of class.

Check back here soon for our Fall 2019 classes!

Keyboard Magic

Ages 6-9

Keyboard Magic lays the groundwork for keyboard success!  Through the variety of activities in each class the children become independent musicians.  They have both a love of music and a love of specific repertoire. In addition to playing the keyboards, the children will be involved in drumming and dancing to nurture their rhythmic development, singing to nurture their tonal development, and echoing patterns to nurture their aural development, as well as composing and musical dictation activities that lead the children to musical literacy. Those who enroll in this 3 year program have a solid foundation to continue on in piano or any instrument they choose. Levels 1 & 2 are 60 min long, levels 3-6 are 75 min long. All levels include a book, two CD’s and a beginning parent guide.

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