In response to feedback and enrollment trends over the past few summers, we are extremely excited that we have been able to increase our staffing and therefore expand our summer theatre offerings! With this expansion we have started to receive questions and I have decided to address those below so it will make our registration process easier for all of you!

There are two sessions of Mary Poppins, Jr.  offered. Am I able to register for either session or do I need to wait for the first one to fill up?
You may choose which session you want to sign your child up for when you register.

Since you are offering both session dates how will I make sure that my children are with their friends?
We ask that you plan your registration carefully and know when all of you are able to commit, so that you can do your best to ensure your children are with their friends. Please sign up for only one session of Mary Poppins, Jr., to give everyone a fair chance of participating.

There has been a swapping of dates for the one week programs in July, why?
In order to staff all programs sufficiently, we needed to switch the weeks that we offer Gr 1-2 and Gr 3-7 mini shows. There is another session for Gr 1-2 in August and we have programming options for Gr 3-7 throughout the entire summer.

I noticed there is only one week of the Grade 3-7 Mini- musical offered, why?
Due to overwhelming requests to add another two week Gr 3-7 Jr. Musical program at GHS, we needed eliminate one of the one week offerings but feel we have plenty of options for this age group over the course of the summer.

Why is there a Gr 3-7 Music program in August being offered in the Great Hall?
Our Great Hall has experienced many wonderful improvements this year! We now have a stage outfitted with an extension and curtains along with a newly installed sound and light system. Theatre is performed on stages of all types and sizes and the Great Hall is ready and waiting for the older kids to perform a musical there!

Will your programs still be capped at reasonable sizes?
Absolutely! At Apple Tree Arts we pride ourselves on giving our students maximum stage time, instruction and opportunity. Each show is chosen as are our enrollment maximums with this in mind for all programs.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!