Piano Immersion Program - NEW!

Our new Piano Immersion Program is designed for students of all ages and levels seeking a comprehensive musical education centered around the piano. The PIP curriculum integrates private lessons with monthly group performance and musicianship classes and regular opportunities for both solo and collaborative performance. Students who show interest and commitment can also participate in optional competitions and exams such as the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations. Students entering the Piano Immersion Program should have an acoustic piano or digital piano with stationary pedal(s) and 88 weighted keys to practice on at home. Please complete the interest form at https://goo.gl/forms/nOggppAL91h10ktU2 or contact us to arrange for an entrance interview with our Music Education Director.

Prices listed below include the 36-week private lessons, plus the monthly group class as described above.

$1510/year - 30 minute lessons

$2050/year - 45 minute lessons

$2770/year - 60 minute lessons

September through June for once-a-month group classes. Group class lengths will vary depending on the topics being covered and the number of students.

PIP teacher: Corbin Calloway Bolton